Mustache Man

The weird and not so weird comments on my new facial stunt:

  • you look like Akshay Kumar when he kept mustache
  • you like Ajay Devgan from Omkara
  • you look like a m****c***
  • this looks great on you
  • you don't look good in mustache
  • you look older, remove it
  • when did this grow up? why?
  • Looking like Bhagat Singh
Have any other comments? Shoot them!


  1. Ashtung said...
    look like the bihari no one can see in u
    amrit said...
    So you see, I am putting fight so that people can see the Bihari in me! :)
    Neelabh said...
    you look like anil kapur..

    (Yes I felt the same way you are feeling now when people commented me the same)
    Czar said...
    amrit said...

    Anil Kapur! Hmmmm


    Yeah someone else made a similar remark.
    Geetali said...
    Akshay Kumar had a mustache? When?
    amrit said...
    Here is the reply. [:)]
    Anonymous said...
    zK9jlM Hello! Great blog you have! My greetings!

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