Miss you a lot

He looked ugly. The fat bastard. The first time I had met him, I had made an immediate conclusion. He should be a mean guy. There was this typical expression on his face. One that sent bad vibes. Probably no one could be comfortable around him. For lack of a better description, he sucked.

But what I liked about him was that he was intelligent. He had got brains that few people had.

I wonder why I killed him! May be I hated him more than I liked him. Doesn't really matter. The fact is that he no longer exists. I had shot him straight in the head. The only good thing he had. His brain. It burst in the first shot. It burst badly. He couldn't even scream. In a matter of seconds, he collapsed. His fat body fell down and made a heavy thud. The marble floor went red with flowing blood.

Red blood.
Flowing blood.
I liked the sound,
the heavy thud.

Gun shot.
One shot.
I killed you.
Miss you a lot.

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  1. Czar said...
    I wish I could know you more..

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