The world can’t see.
It got no eyes.
The world doesn’t care
who lives, who dies.

Like broken pebbles
crushed by weight,
I stare all around
in a fucked up state.

Its getting darker.
I can hardly see.
Yes, I am fucked up.
Someone set me free.

I am so drugged
every damn second;
lifeless and cold;
waiting for the end.

There is no pain
or joy anymore.
I feel like I'm dead.
I'm dead for sure.

You think I am weak
can be crushed and thrown?
I tell you God,
I won't even moan.

Yes, I am defeated;
fallen flat; screaming;
floating in blood;
can’t feel a thing.

But I’ll stand up
and run and fly.
I will fight back.
Fuck, I won’t die!