Don't Waste Food Campaign: 10

This cartoon is cute! Isn't it? I think four posters in this series are enough. And I hope guys and girls following my blog will try not to waste food, the next time they take food. And to put it forward in one of those 'filmy ishtyle', I would feel my job is done if my posters are able to change the wasting habit of even one student! :P


  1. Pradeep Nair said...
    I don't why people can't just take what they can eat; instead of taking what ever they want and then wasting what they don't want.
    amrit said...
    Not that they don't have any sense. I think it is because most of them are careless!
    Tejas said...
    Hey..that's a very nice poster. Would you mind if I link it to my blog? I am creating an entry on Food wastage and its possible ways of prevention.


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