Acting it out

Life flows. From here to there. From there to somewhere. It keeps on flowing. I have no clue what's happening to me. Someone up there is testing me. Someone up there is trying to kill me. Or rather, trying to see if I can survive any shit I am thrown into.

I sometimes wonder how do people really know how strong they are? Breaking up doesn't prove you aren't strong. It just proves that you are broken up. You might be ready to gather pieces of your flesh, lying around. You might not.

Life is a fucking fight. Every moment. And for some reasons, you can't stop being a fighter. You can take a pause, cry out loud, run away. And when that's done, you gotta be the fighter again. You just can't escape that. Till you are dead of course.

Oh what a mystery death is. Death is pure bullshit. It IS the only truth. No denying that. But it's the end. The fucking END. But don't we like the end to come fast when the movie starts getting boring? If you are sitting in a theater, you can as well walk out, if you are so sure that nothing's great is really going to happen even you sit till the very end. Sometimes you are just so damned sure. At other times, you just keep waiting. If you are watching the movie on a comp, you at least have this option of fast-forwarding. Move the mouse. Click here and click there. You just managed to escape the parts that you didn't want to watch. Life aint like that. You either face every second of it. Or you just quit it. The option is all yours. Oh really?

Ok, enough of bullshitting about life. Naah I am not pissed off. I think it's the dead effect. Dead effect? Ok, I described my death today to one and all. To cut the crap, today was the monoacting day. The IIT Madras inter hostel competition. A lot of people came. And most of them put up brillinat performances. Mine was ordinary. All I really did was cry, cry, weep and then cry. I wasn't really acting out there on stage. I was crying. And that got me a seventh place. Good enough! Yeah, I did speak for sometime whenever I found some time away from sobbing. You really wanna read that?


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