Today is the fourth day to work

Today is the fourth day to work. And I have no work. Lucky me?

Sometimes, I think I should go and ask for it. Ask someone to give me something to do. But something from deep inside whispers to me (in a low but firm voice) that asking for work myself is a bad idea. A bad, stupid, dumb idea! In fact it isn't even an idea. It's a crime! This thing from deep inside tells me that once real work actually comes my way, I am going to get pretty busy. So till work comes my way, I should enjoy my freedom and chill out.

The sad thing is, I am not sure if I really am chilling out!

There is this other something (though may be not so deep inside), which keeps reminding me that it IS a total waste of time to travel for one and a half hours in a non AC bus to reach this AC office and then do nothing. Nothing that can remotely be labeled work! Nothing for eight hours.

But 'no work' is what exactly I have been doing since last three days. Today is the fourth. And I am very sure, it's going to be the same. Boredom is creeping in. Slowly. But yes, it is. Afterall, there is a limit to kill time just by being online. Most friends have got work and hence aren't available for chat most of the times. And more so, even when I don't have any work, it some how doesn't feel great to be orkutting and chatting full time. So, I end up reading some infrastructure stuffs which are kinda boring. I mean reading pages and pages of 'useful' material makes little sense when you have no idea when and where you are going to use them.

This place, so far appears like a cyber cafe to me. An air conditioned cyber cafe where you are allowed to use your own laptop. A cyber cafe where they serve you hot coffee twice, once at 10AM and then next at 3PM. A cyber cafe where during lunch time, the office boy comes and takes order and then gets you food. A cyber cafe, where they don't charge you for using net. This IS the most ideal internet center that can possibly exist! And yeah, they of course pay you 12.5k per month for visiting!

After a long long time, I really don't feel excited with the fact that I have no work to do. I don't even like blogging so often now. Best blog comes when you have other very important things to do, but you just don't feel like doing any of them. But when leave alone 'very important things' or even 'important things', you simply don't have 'things' to do, you end up writing a boring blog which still receives comments.:P


  1. Geetali said...
    haha @ the last line. so, here's ur first comment!

    yeah, free time does convert into boredom after a while... but once gone, it often receives pleading requests to come back. but then, 'free time' ka bhaw badh jaata hai. enjoy while it still keeps you company!

    hmm.. that para sorta sounds weird, but i like it!
    amrit said...

    I love fast comments. :) I also love anything that sounds weird! :P
    Czar said...
    To make you feel further bad (i.e if you are feeling bad at all)...

    I am doing a kickass project. I had complete freedom to choose it and after two days of reading up and consulting the people here, I will be working on something that gives me immense knowledge and great satisfaction.

    By the way, how about meeting up sometime?
    amrit said...

    Great man! (talking bout ur poj)

    And yeah sure let's meet up sometime. How far do you live from LalBagh? Give me missed call on my number sometime and I will call you back.

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