How to cook Chicken Biryani

Remember I talked about shooting a video at uncle's place when he cooked Chicken Biryani? After giving up on using a firewire cable, I finally did the video-transfer using USB and then edited it yesterday (basically to bring the whole thing down to less than 10 minutes).

By the way, don't watch this video if you are hungry right now and you are a non-vegetarian and you are sure that you won't be getting to eat anything for at least quite some time. I say so, because this video will definitely bring water to your mouth and make you twice more hungry than you are.

And yeah, the Biryani was mast! :) Enjoy watching the video (it's in Hindi).


  1. Unknown said...
    biryani dekh kar sachmuch muh me pani aa gaya................ wat a yummi biryani.......
    amrit said...
    @Shipra Chachi

    Yep. Mazaa aaya tha :)

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