Milky Bite

Came across this brilliant ad campaign! Ah, now I know why I grew up without ever being a champion. I never tried "good milk in cartons". Damn me!
So the bottomline is, it is NOT enough if the milk is good. It also has to be in a carton! Or else you definitely do not stand any chance to qualify as a champion. And what do champions do by the way? Well, if the champion happens to be a school going kid, he empties the carton in the latest shining cup that he won, and then raises the cup a feet above his mouth to spill milk all over his face to show to the world what a champion he is. On the other hand, if the champion happens to be an actress, she sports a fake smile and conducts a survey on the number of 'good people in world' who use 'good milk in cartons'.
On second thought, I guess I would prefer just growing up. I wish the same for the guys who came up with this wonderful ad. Champions, grow up!


  1. Unknown said...
    Vetti madar... do some useful work at home da... all u seem to be doing is rolling of blog after blog...
    at least roll something else :P
    amrit said...

    When did Vetti pseud become Vetti Madar? :P

    And for rolling that something, else, I'll be there in Chennai next Saturday da! Be there. Ask Bhaju to be there too.
    Mohan K.V said...
    Phew, lots seems to have happened here in the past week! lol, milk in Cartons :-)
    amrit said...

    What a crap selling line da! Country max ad.

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