Straight from the heart

Conceptualized and Designed by Vatsap

This is the raw version of the External Publicity (EP) Tee for Shaastra 2007. If you wanna grab this tee, be there to help the IIT Madras team that arrives at your college for putting presentations on Shaastra. They have other free goodies to offer too. So all the best.


  1. Aniket said...
    Geetali said...
    no pic showing up on my screen
    amrit said...

    Yeah. Kinda. Minor modifications could be done.

    Any suggestions?
    amrit said...

    I can see it! I dunno y you can't! :(
    Sataract said...
    ooh...nice t would be nicer if u showed the heart with a fag hanging somewhere slowly making it "junk" and with a gun just next to it signifying a "war"

    but on the whole...awesome design
    amrit said...

    Reduce fagging (like me) or you will turn into some junk. The war is on. :P
    Anonymous said...
    How do I know that the EEP team wants to visit my college?
    amrit said...

    You can mail Anil and ask him at
    Anonymous said...
    neat concept.. its really difficult getting colours to look good on black though..maybe something lighter might work say c74130 or d45151.. even at the risk of being close to pink!
    amrit said...

    I guess the tshirts have already gone for printing. And you cannot really ask the printers to use an exact color. They will have only a couple of shades of red!

    Anyways, I hope the tee comes out well! :)

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