Himesh on Hit-list

Saw this happening on TV a couple of days ago. Himesh Reshammiya is supposedly on Ejaz Lakdawala's hit list. It was funny to hear the Don speak himself to the news channel. What a drama!

Now all of us know why these Mumbai-ka-dons (better known as Bhai's) threaten celebrity lives. For money! But I guess in Himesh's case, something else happened:

Don: Hello, Himesh?
Himesh: Yeah, who is this? Look if you are some singer, try approaching me through Indian Idol. I really don't have any time. Don't you know that I am also doing one stupid movie? I really don't have time.

Don: No, I am no singer.
Himesh: Then who are you?

Don: I am Don. I am Ezaz Lakdawala. I kill celebrities for money.
Himesh: Oh, so you need money from me.

Don: No.
Himesh: No? Why did you call me up then.

Don: I wanted to make a request to you.
Himesh: I don't believe it. Ezaz Lakdavaala is making me a request.

Don: Yeah. I am fuckin fed up of your voice. Wherever I go, I find your songs playing. You make nice music, alright but your voice totally sucks. I beg to you. Stop singing. I will give you money for doing that. Tell me your demand.
Himesh: No money can stop me from singing. And I am anyways making enough money, thanks to my God gifted talent (read God gifted nose).

Don: I won't ask again. You are the only celebrity who is getting money from a Don! You dare refuse me.
Himesh: I can pay you some cash. But please let me sing.

Don: I will pay you double of what you can offer. But please, stop singing. Entire India is fed up of you and your nose.
Himesh: I'll prefer dying than not singing. I am sure that many people who kept listening to my voice for a long time must have died a painful death. I guess it's time for me to payback. Kill me if you want to but however much you give to me, I wont stop from torturing the world.

Don: You are a dead man. Right now, at this very moment, I am putting you on top of my hitlist. Sing as many songs as you can, before I save the world from your atrocities. That will be the only good thing I would be doing in my entire life as a Don. I am hanging up now. Gotta call some news channel to give them this happy news. Because I am sure, a lot of people out there will be delighted to know that they wont have to bear you shortly. Chal bye.


  1. Nimit Jain said...
    HI Amrit...
    how can u write tht ????

    Sorry to say but soon u r gonna die dost ...coz now i think in Bhai's Hit List nxt name is urs !!!(for unrevealing the truth)....and if anyhow Himesh survives thn also u will die listening his unconventional voice...

    anyways nice post..

    Keep Blogging...
    Cheers !!!
    amrit said...

    I am a dead man. :P
    Sumedh V. Vidwans said...
    34 posts in may...

    u REALLY ARE jobless at PWC..

    anyways... good creative use of an idle mind..

    (I deleted my commment by mistake before.. this is the same)
    amrit said...

    Yep. I really am jobless! Thanks for dropping by.

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