The making of the Civicube

Neelabh wanted to know how he could do the kind of graphic work that I did for the Civicube for folks at his office. Quite a few guys keep asking me to put them photoshop fundays to get them started. Well, on considering Neelabh's request I thought why not make a video where I teach how to go ahead and create a text cube. After all it's a very easy job! So here is the video. Have fun.

I hope you guys could follow my instructions. Let me know if I could improve.

PS: In case you want to make such videos yourself, but don't have a screen recording software, I would recommend CamStudio. It is free and it works.


  1. Neelabh said...
    I will watch this video at home.. You tube is blocked here..

    You could use SnagIt for recording anything from your screen.

    Thanks Dude!!
    Vikas Shenoy said...
    Too Cool. Thanks.
    amrit said...

    Hope you are able to make one now.


    You are welcome

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