Let's have what?

Let's have sex.
No, I am not ready for it.

As if I am.
Then why are you asking for it?

I wanted to see how you'd react.
So I thought. But tell me, What if I had said yes?

Opportunity doesn't knock your door twice. Bye.



  1. dhruv said...
    me too! me too!!!!

    damn...read ur post about ur 4th day to office.... now i understood the reason for your blog being updated so frequently in addition to the ramped up template and all! wait till MY job begins! :P
    Czar said...
    Shit... :P
    amrit said...

    Waiting till you job begins.


    Neelabh said...
    I think its a real conversation. You have got this old habit of"chance mein dance matne ka"
    Anonymous said...
    It seems you missed the opportunity and regret it. I 'm ready, lets meet and have SEXxxxx.

    Btw read ur orkut profile too... I may fit into the category for which point 1 is meant
    amrit said...

    Let's meet! :)

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