The End Sem posts

Sem ends with end sems! And leaves its marks. On blogs!

Twilight Fairy appears to be totally frustrated by the exams, and wonders "why is that when it comes to acads i don really put my all... i don really care so much.. ?? why...??"! Doesn't it happen to all of us when the exams are about to get over as we realize that we 'could' have done a better job had we put a li'l extra effort? But. But. But. We never really cared so much! Why?

Aniket appears calm and cool when he declares that "it's now time to relax". It of course is! And surprisingly, in second year itself, this dual degree chap already shows hints of sentimentalism towards leaving insti!

Lays realizes how this sem just sucked it out of him. He shoots back at all the 'demons in disguise' who love to call themselves Profs! I like the ending note of his post which states that "I will never have to go through the fourth semester of IIT in my life EVER again"! :)

Then there's this kid on the block, who just wrote her tenth boards. She has gone ahead and described all the teachers that ever taught her. I like this take on her Bio Mam: "She is SUCH a boring teacher that half my class actually slept through the "Reproduction" lesson....Now u get it, don't u?!". LOL!

Czar never mentions anything about exams. But when one tries to prove the existence of God, a few days after the last end sem, it has to be the end sem after-effect! To quote him:

There are two things that one would say when asked a question 'Does god exist?
  1. Yes he does
  2. No he does not

I guess he missed to include a choice 3. Who cares! :P


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