Who is Anshe Chung?

Remember my post on Second Life (SL) ? She is the richest person out there! A woman! Great!

While Anshe won't talk about how much money she's making ("I'm careful not to stir animosity," she says), Philip Rosedale, the founder and CEO of Linden Lab, which runs Second Life, estimates that she's bringing in around $150,000 a year--in real, hard cash.

Did I say SL is the next big thing to happen to web after Google perhaps? Can't wait to enter this new world!


Since it will be quite some time, before I start sharing my own experiences in SL, I tried searching for blogs/sites from those who are already in-world. You might find some of the links given below interesting:

1. A lady gets the first hint of the big wave that's arriving and is surprised when she tries to share it with her husband over the morning cup of coffee. Read here. In a later post, she describes her experience of wandering around in SL.

2. A Senior Dell Executive gives a presentation in SL, and offers to sell laptop. Real Laptop. Watch the screenshots here.

3. Read here about Rik's experience of giving a small talk to about a dozen listeners in SL. His post is a neat one with a lot of screenshots and conversation details.


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