SL Talk: Great Video

This is the best video I could find, showing glimpses of SL complete with an informative narration. Enjoy watching it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Nice blogs! r u thr in 'second world'?
    wats yr chat id? add me - 'shweta_hi' at yahoo. i'll be waitin..cya
    Anonymous said...
    do u have any idea about the stipend they pay? As of my inform. its closed for free acounts now!
    amrit said...

    Thanks. No I have not entered SL life. Waiting for end sems to passy by. I have lost all taste to chat on yahoo. But if you really wanna catch up with me some time, add avatsa on gtalk. I might come online and make you crazy :)


    No dude, no idea about stipend, if any! By the way I visited the homepage of secondlife just now. It still says "Membership is free". Go check it out!

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