Caffeine kick

Had it yesterday in CCD. It's toooo much of coffee mixed in hot water. It's crude. It tastes almost like the black coffee that I make for myself in room sometimes by directly adding two heaped spoons of Nescafe Classic to hot water. The only difference is that Caffeince kick appears to have almost double the coffee quantity that I use, in the same volume of water.

Have it only if you are in the mood to have some real HARD coffee, and don't really care how HARD it is. Whatever that means!


  1. Jayashree said...
    Once again Cofee is ur subject to u really like coffeee soooooooo much or what??BTW thanx for saving so much money of others...ur blogs will really prove helpful for ppl like me who always get confused while placing the order...Keep up the gud work!!
    amrit said...
    Hi Jaya,

    Coffee to me is life. There are things in life that you are passionate about. Coffee drives me.

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