And I fell in love with you

I had seen you before. Seen you with so many people before. And I always liked you. But yes, there wasn't any love. It was one of those usual liking we have for so many things. When I look back, I still wonder when did love happen. But it did happen, may be over a period of time. Oh boy, love did happen.

I knew I wanted to have you, with me, all the time. I wanted to play with you whenever I felt like, and I wanted to keep you happy. But you were not with me. Not that I could never reach you or be with you. But you were not all mine. I tried to think not of you, so much. But that could never happen. Your glow, your smoothness, everything about you, it just had to make me fall in love with you. Deep love!

After a while, it got too difficult for me to handle it on my own. I had to talk about it. But I couldn't talk to you. I liked listening to you, but telling things to you was just not possible. So I talked to my dad instead. He was supportive. I love him for that. He realized how much I had started loving you.

It's almost a year now, and the good new is here. At last, I am getting you. You are going to be mine. Within a week. Dad has already ordered you, and you will be delivered in no time. I promise you may laptop, we will have a nice time together.


  1. Anonymous said...
    VAtz is getting a new laptop!

    put treat da. :)
    amrit said...

    You are welcome to possess it for a day, and 'experiment' ;)

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