Coffee Review

I had Irish Coffee in CCD today. I would say it was rather tasty given that it was a milk-less black coffee. I would recommend this drink to those who are not used to strong black coffee or espresso, but want to try a drink that doesn't have milk to spoil the fun.

Don't add the extra sugar that's provided to the Irish Coffee. It will taste sweet enough because of the delicious white cream that they add on top of the otherwise mild black coffee. In fact, the first few sips till all the cream is finally over, is the best part. It prepares you to taste the relatively plain black coffee that remains.

In IIT, it costs 32 bucks but given that you get some really great cream topping, its kinda not too much to ask for.

For the ones, who don't really like coffee weak, stick to the 16 bucks pure espresso! :) But in case you haven't yet tried the Irish, give it a shot at least once. You will like it for sure.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I personally prefer the "hot lemon tea" with honey at Rs 30. Of course as with all CCD products, it is not quite worth the cost, but hey..if you want to splurge, who is to stop you..
    amrit said...

    Hot lemon tea with honey: my next target! :) And yeah you are right, who is to stop me? :)

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