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Two earlier posts need to be talked about once again, because of the recent developments.

Branch one: (stems from here)

Remember that PN=405 ranting? The courses have been alloted. What did you think I got finally? Any guesses?

No, not all those philosophy things! Come on, I had to be luckier.

No, not even those which I had presumed were the best that I could get with a PN as bad as 405. I mean, this is kind of strange! I still don't know how could I be that lucky!

Okay, here I go. I got the course which was on top of my priority list! Don't believe it? I don't believe it either! But then, yes, that's the truth. Did someone read my post by any chance (and by some I mean some HS Prof) and decided to do magic? Okay, fine, that's a crap imagination. But oh my, something is fishy here. Something sure is!

Branch two: (stems from here)

My love and myself aren't together yet. What went wrong?

Well, I should put it this way. What I was looking forward was kind of an arranged marriage, wasn't I? That's why I got Dad into it, and he did his best to get her for me. But when he had done that, he called me and asked if I would like to go find her myself and bring her home. I liked this idea. Love marriage over arranged, any time.

So I got a draft yesterday, and after adding some more cash from my own pocket (my PTJ salary), I have ordered a Dell myself. The config is awesome. Centrino (Duo) 1.66, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, 14.1" wide screen. And it's costing me only 52K. Go find a better deal and I am ready to gift you my (yet to be delivered) laptop for free.


  1. Anonymous said...
    dude.....!! that "laptop" post really freaked me out...! :P Reminded me of the old hobbit from LOTR .... "My prrrrreeeeeeeeccccccccccccciiiiiiiiiooooooouuuuussssssssssss...........!!!!!"
    ankit said...
    kya nautanki hai bhai,,,

    over excited ??
    amrit said...



    Yes. And why not? :) And remember always, you are the one who took my comp away from me! Maine ye din kaise bitaayein hain, mai hi jaanta hoon :(

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