Weight-lifting: Epilogue

It was a light drizzle yesterday night when I decided to walk up to Tarams to get a fag. I had just left my hostel when it started raining with an increased intensity (no, not strong to be called a downpour, but fair enough to wet you slowly).

I met a hostel-mate who was in the weight-lifting team. I asked him the result. He had got a silver. He was in the next higher cateogry than mine. Another hostel-mate who was in the highest weight category had won a bronze. My sports sec, who was in a category below me missed a bronze by one place. He had lifted 47 Kgs in snatch and came fourth.

Finally, I asked him about what happened in my category (62-69 Kgs). He told that the guy who got bronze, lifted 45 Kgs in snatch. 'You actually had a chance', he added. I could only smile back at him.

I paid for my fag, finished it and walked back. It still was raining, but suddenly I felt good about all the fight that I had put for weightlifting. If nothing else, it made me fitter, made me fag less and gave a lot of stuff to blog about. :D Not bad at all!


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