My best run ever

It rained the whole day today. Chennai was cold after a long time. Cool winds kept blowing (it's late night now, and I am sure they still are blowing outside).

Running, if nothing else, is a good stress buster. And to run today meant running in the rain. I had done it before. I asked Caesar if he would like me to join. It was about half past four in the evening. It was raining fairly well. After little hesitation, and a lot of persistence from my side (which included the cliched use of lines like "be a man"), he agreed. 'I haven't done this before, but what the hell, lemme fuckin do it', he said something similar after he had made up his mind to join me.

We ran like kids. We felt like kids. It was fun to run through small water pockets that had appeared on roads, splashing the soily water in all directions.
We screamed at times, like the thirteen years old do, when they kick their first goal in a football match.

As we ran, Caesar thought he had grown taller. As I ran, I could listen to the trees asking us to keep running and since they couldn't they would cheer us up. Trees actually cheered us up. Everytime we passed underneath trees, the drops that fell down were thicker and made a strange sound that in some vague way made me believe that the trees were clapping and cheering. :)

'That looks lovely', Caesar pointed to an approaching car whose headlight was on. I had a look. The yellow rays from the headlamp, passing through rain drops indeed looked fascinating; reminded me of numerous movies where in such rainy weather, and on lonely roads, such cars stop and then something happens.

'Reminds me of I know what you did last summer', I replied to him. The car had past but we continued our discussion. 'What if a half-dead body had been thrown out of the car when it passed us?', I questioned him. Before he could think of an answer, I further made up the story, 'We would go near it, and soon you would notice blood all over my hands and then you would scream, dude lets just run away, and then I would scream back at you saying we can't leave a dying man alone and.....'.

'What if such a thing really happens, what will we do?', he had something to throw at me finally. I had no answer. And before I could think of one, he shouted, 'see there, another car's coming'. And both of us giggled. And kept running.

Today for the first time, Caesar actually ran all the way back to Gc. In fact we ran further till Tiffanys, found Mishre there, and made him pay for our coffee. The way everyone (and that included a lot of girls) stared at the two of us in Tiffanys (a food joint on top of female mess in IIT Madras) was funny. It was awesome to have coffee after having run about six kilometers in rain. It was just fuckin awesome. Since it still was raining, there was no question of walking back to hostel. Both of us would have fallen sick. So we ran again. I gave him company till Jamuna (his hostel) and continued running to Narmad.

Caesar's left knee was fucked up. He had over-run (though I had under-run; I take another longer route to cover few more kilometers when I am running alone). I adviced him to take hot bath and things would be fine. He did that and I guess it worked for him. I took a hot bath too after like centuries.

This certainly was my best run ever. I am sure it's true for Caesar as well.

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  1. Czar said...
    Machan! It was a brilliant time and i didnt even fall sick. My knee is still a little sore, but what the heck. It was worth it. :)

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