Mai meri Patni aur meri Daadi

I travelled about four hundred fifty kilometers in seven long hours to meet my grandparents today. Daadi and myself were watching TV some time ago. The movie 'Mai meri patni aur vo' was playing on the small colored screen. After watching the movie for a while, she decided to put me fundays on what kinda girl should be selected for me! Daadi dear! It was rather sweet of her to do so nevertheless.

So shall I share some of my enriched knowledge? Sure I will. :)

tip 1: Don't go for a too 'bekaar' nor toooo good looking lass.

I guess the 'too bekar' was pretty intuitive. So she explained to me why the 'not too good looking' concept was as important. 'You can look at this movie for example. (you need to have seen the movie MMPAV to appreciate the analogy)', she said. This was followed by a personal example which I don't remember very well.

tip 2: Prefer a girl from a big city over one from a smaller town. She will have a broader perspective towards stuff.

tip 3: Look for intelligence. What are you going to do with beauty? Intelligence will pay.

I guess this is the summary of all she told me. I might have missed on the details and what appears above might actually be pretty obvious. But all that coming LIVE from Daadi was kinda new thing for me. I suddenly felt I was growing up, getting old. Marital tips! Oh my God. I was blushing and smiling all the time as the funda-session was on. Very silently, I listened to all that she had to say. She loves me a lot. I love her. And I love my DELLruba! ;)

Holidays are going (not so) great. Will get back with more stuff.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Where are you? I am leaving tomorrow for bettiah.
    Anonymous said...
    Dadi was just being practical. In truth, all that "seemed" important at the time you are searching for a partner becomes totally unimportant once you have been married for a few years. Finally, what matters is that you can manage life comfortably with your partner without too many compromises on either end, share joys and responsibilities and respect each other. Everything else is a matter of hormones.
    dhruv said... brain tells me the same exact thing :P
    N said...
    looks like someone's getting ready for the big jump!
    come back soon da.
    cant wait to start off on out 'big projects'
    amrit said...

    Hope you got my mail!


    I agree with you.




    I am back!

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