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The editing of the video put below was finished today, on my DELLruba (that's what I call my comp). No, I didn't do much. All I did was provide clips that have been used in the first few scenes of the video (the clips were shot by me last sem, including the monkey that you see :) ). I of course also brain-stormed with the guys who were in-charge, but couldn't come up with any nice funda which could have been implemented in the limited time that they had and also given the pain-max cam that they had. Definitely a wonderful job. But you are the better judge. Leave comments. By the way, last but not the least, I offered DELLruba's services ;)

My room has also been featured in the video! Great! Thank you guys! This video is one of many that will be shown during the PAN-IIT Global Conference to be held in Mumbai from Dec 23rd to 25th. [news link]

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  1. Me_Engineer said...
    u r an awsome writer....a reader's paradise.

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