A teacher's point of view

For those of you, who are not already aware of my PTJ, this is the post to read. And those of you, who are already aware of it, read more.

I did use to put science-maths fundays to my siblings at times. But teaching for money is somewhat different. One needs to 'act' like a professional. I try my best. In the process, I have started looking at the world (albeit only at times) through the eyes of a teacher. I know this sounds so weird. I mean, afterall I just spend few hours each week with tenth class kids!

What do I mean by the phrase 'looking at the world through the eyes of a teacher'? I am not sure if I can explain this fully. But there's surely one thing that I can write about. Today, it so happened that I was teaching Physics to the two kids together. In some time, I realized that one of them was actually too low on concentration. I 'hated' it. I don't belive that I 'hated' it when I myself, had always been a student like him! All this time! Did someone say that you can't feel the other guys pain till you actually step into his shoes? So true! Just so true!

I am sure that the next time I switch to a nap-taking-mode in any of the classes, today's incident will help me come out of it. Good for me!


  1. Neelabh said...
    I dont give a damn..Where are the T's??
    amrit said...



    Have already got the technesha tee for you.. just have to post.. will do it sooner than later..surely
    Anonymous said...
    a taste of our own medicine...

    dint know you were teaching!
    how come you have the time for spending four days outside insti?!
    Anonymous said...
    hehehe roll reversal eh? I underwent that in my second year (engg) and believe me it makes you think like you've never thought before...

    one thing though...when you're the teacher, you know everything and when you're the student you suddenly loose the ability to learn things :P

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