DON revisited

Liked it. Was a decent movie. I would have enjoyed much more if I were ten years younger! SRK was good enough.

: Okay, here's the spoiler. If you recall, in the original, Don dies very early. His look alike Vijay is trained as Don who then joins Don's gang to get information about a lot of other criminals and especially one called Vardhan whose picture doesn't exist with the Police. There's this DCP who is the only guy in Police Dept who knows that Vijay is playing Don. Unfortunatlely the DCP dies in the middle of the movie and Vijay has to put hazzar fight to prove that he is Vijay! Finally he does. The only secret revealed as Vijay tries to prove his identity is that the interpole agent who had been involved in the investigation is none other that Vardhan himself.

In the remake, Don never dies! :) Quite a spoiler, ain't it? When caught by the DCP, Don is brought to a hospital and kept unconscious using anesthesia. The DCP then calls his look alike Vijay (yes all names in the SRK version of DON are as that in the original itself) to the same hospital and asks the doctors to immitate on Vijay's body, all the marks present on Don's. So far so good. But somehow, Don manages to listen to all this funda and when the body-marks-copying-job is done, he slips into Vijay's bed, and shifts Vijay to his. And he ensures that Vijay dies in the hospital bed.

This funda is revealed to the audience only in the end!

Yet another spoiler is that in this movie DCP also never dies, and more so he happens to be Vardhan, the wanted criminal.

I am sure you are going to enjoy the movie! :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    write a spoiler dude! Plz!! :)
    amrit said...
    Request granted dude! :)
    Anonymous said...
    why did you spoil the plot!
    Shady fellow.

    I was planning to see this movie, cos i've seen the original version and the Tam version starring Rajini!
    Anonymous said...
    i thought so! :) thanks for the spoiler :)
    Anonymous said...
    Finally someone who liked the new Don.

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