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  1. Anonymous said...
    great work...ajay
    amrit said...

    Let's see who can explain the FULL funda of this tshrit design. By the way this will be the main Tshirt for Shaastra2006! So anyone can buy it during Shaastra.
    Bohemian said...
    hey is dat ur design?

    its awesome and cent % creativ!
    dhruv said...
    simple, nice, but ineffective. Do we need to have zoom lenses to check out what the events are? :O

    The best ads pay more attention to functionality than the design :P

    Just my 2 cents ;)
    amrit said...


    Well, yeah it's 'almost' mine. A lot of modifications were made to the original idea and what it means is that a lot of people helped me in shaping it up to to its final form.


    I thought you were going to come up with the FULL funda. Anyways, you certainly have a point there. But I can explain.

    The events are small, but they will be readable when the design comes on Tshirt. Rest assured.

    My idea of a good design is:

    1. It should look good/catchy in the first look itself and generate curiosity

    2. It should have fundas hidden in layers, all of which can't be discovered in one look.

    I think that on the first count, this design holds good. Let me talk about the second aspect now. I would like to reveal the inner layers of this design for you and everyone else.

    What you see is the Boh'r model of a single electron Hydrogen atom. I am sure that this is very clear. The wavy arrow indicates a jump from the first orbital to a higher orbital. And since the orbitals are spherical, the electron is in effect, expanding its spheres. The real message for us, the students, is of course to expand the spheres of our knowledge.

    By the way, the "e" depicted as electron is a part of an event called "e-design".

    Also notice the word "breakthrough", right below the tale of the wavy arrow. It is of course the name of an event in Shaastra, but here it signifies the breakthrough energy needed to excite the electron.

    The fact that "e" is not alligned with "sph res" conveys the message that the "e" is trying to expand furthur so that it can fit in its slot eventually. This gives the message that you have to keep learnign all the time; keep expanding all the time.

    "Get Excited" obviously refers to the excited state of the electron. And the underlying message is that Shaastra offers you exciting events to participate in!
    Anonymous said...
    nice design and brilliant funda!
    one of these days, i'll sit with you and watch you design.

    dhruv said...
    i understand the design is very ingenious. i liked it a lot but for whatever its worth, i'm a functional guy and it pissess me off if the design overshadows my ability to quickly get the complete and accurate info... :)

    i'd like to draw your attention to Orange / Hutch's ads. They are simple, to the point and very impressive. I like them a lot. Similarly Reliance infocomm also has some impressive posters and ads.

    Well may be i am just the no nonsense guy...
    bharath said...
    prolly just this once i would get pained for the fact that the coord t shirt would look not so good as the main shaastra t shirt. hope pappu gets it in sac asap.
    bharath said...
    the color on the pic here is awesome. the actual t shirt colors are not all that inviting actually.

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