Amrit's theory of loneliness

When you remain alone and do something, you either end up performing better than everyone else or you end up performing worse than everyone else. When the first case occurs, you think you are the only smart guy out there in the whole universe. Deep sense of pride creeps in. When the second case occurs, you think you are the only loser out there in the whole universe. Depression creeps in.

Bottomline: Get out, get going. Find someone with whom you feel happy with. Stop being lonely!


  1. Anonymous said...
    the way i see it, one can be alone, but not lonely...
    Anonymous said...
    amrit said...

    Yes sir, you are right. One can be alone, but not lonely. Absolutely agree with you.

    My theory applies to those who actually are lonely. They do things on their own without letting anyone interfere. And most of the times, they are alone while working.


    Could be! I obviously haven't done a PhD on Psychology. I wrote what I wrote from my observations.

    Let's talk about students who mug for exams. Some mug in groups and some do that alone. I have always noticed that those who mug in groups are generally easy to hang out with, and don't get as much affected by the results as those who mug alone. This is just one typical example.
    dhruv said...
    Its much easier to do some things alone. Some people find it easier to work alone. It's a matter of personal preference. Doesn't mean you're lonely ;)
    Neelabh said...
    I think loneliness is some pyscho-somatic desease. It so much differs from solitude. You could be with your solitude even when you are not lonely. The only sentence that describe lonelyness is that-- You are no longer wanted and loved--. So screw loneliness and be happy but not gay(??)
    Anonymous said...
    nice thought..
    i really can do things alone but when the time of result's always good to have someone one is happy being with....we need someone or the other to share with both our happiness and our failure..

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