Besides taking care of the digital design department of Shaastra'06, I am also responsible for the overall ambience setup during this four day technical festival of IIT Madras. One of my teams has almost finished making a Trebuchet to be displayed during Shaastra. For the uninitiated, a trebuchet is a weapon which was used in the ancient days to destroy masonry strucutres of enemies by throwing projectiles of heavy stones. Wiki has an excellent article on it.

This one is not one of those huge trebuchets that the ancient warriors once used. But it's big enough to throw mass upto forty feet. Trial throws should begin in a day or two and then I will have more to report on how it is performing. Will come back with pics of the model very soon.

And besides the trebuchet, we are having about fifteen more models which are under construction. Taking care of so many projects and then the ever demanding design requirements, and then in keeping track with the courses, I am hardly left with any time to blog! And when I do get 'time', I am dead on ideas, or stories. So bear with me for sometime till I get li'l free. Till then, I would keep you guys updated with more of Shaastra buzz. Have fun!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    You really seem to be enjoying whatever you are doing and thats being very lucky. All the best to you.

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