My latest offering!

1. Did 'You' make it?

Yes. :)

2. Why? What for? What the hell is this?

Made this for the inter hostel painting event. And this is a painting done by poster colors, on the spot. I do not remember the exact topic but the essence was "Mother". I guess the painting is successful in depicting the theme.

3. Not too sure. Anyways, so when did you make it? And how much time did you take?

Made it this Saturday itself and took me a little more than two hours. The alloted time was three hours.

4. Did you win anything?

Get lost!


  1. dhruv said...
    very nice painting dude. you're very talented :)
    Anonymous said...
    it was a competition, and u made this ? !
    Anonymous said...
    neways good one.
    amrit said...



    Arun Manohar said...
    the painting looks fine to me... but looks like you have purposely screwed up the mouth and jaw part of the mother... any hidden reasons???
    amrit said...
    Playing with colors.. nothing more to it..
    Anonymous said...
    I think the skewed features actually add more character to the painting...or maybe I am just imagining things.
    Great painting. If this were out in the market, I would buy it.

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