Who's got the POWER?

S: What's that? What happened to your left eye?
I: Was bitten by some insect last night. I guess it was one of those bees who have made quite a hive just outside this wind0ow of your room. By the way, are you coming to CLT today evening for the lecture?
S: I will better read about it in the Economic Times. They are just showing it through video cameras anyways. What's the point?
I:Dude, he is actually coming to IIT. Since the CLT has limited space, they are putting projectors in two other halls. That's it.
S: Oh is it? When's the lecture?
I: 4:30
S: I have a class. Anyways, my Prof will have better things to tell than Yashwant Sinha. All BJP leaders are the same, they speak the same bullshit things. The central budget has just been announced. I tell you, this Yashwant Sinha will do nothing but attack Chidambram's budget.
I: I'll go and listen to him. Then, may be I can have some opinion on him. By the way, Yashwant Sinha was a Prof in Patna University for some time before he cracked the Civil Services. And then this guy, left his job of an IAS officer to join politics. And think of this, he ended up becoming the Finance Minister of India finally. One can't quit a job like IAS just like that.
S: He must have realized that he couldn't do much as an IAS officer. I mean, what power does an IAS officer has? Nothing.
I: It all depends with whom you are comparing you powers to. Think of the powers of an IAS officer relative to that of a poor farmer. You will see the difference. Talking in the same line, even the Prime Minister of India has such minimal powers on a global basis when compared with the US President. You know what, we need to have our own estimates of ourselves. If we think, there's a particular height that we want to climb in this life, and then we go ahead and actually reach that height, then that is all that matters for us. For some, the height ends at becoming IAS officers. For Yashwant Sinha, it was much more than that.

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