Laka Laka Laka Laka Laka Laka...

There are somethings which I could never have known, had I not been in Chennai. The power that Rajni commands among his fans, is one of them.

It was during the last semester, that his latest Tamil block-buster Chandramukhi was shown in the OAT(open air theater in IIT Madras). I do not understand Tamil but I did go to watch the movie.

Rajni had the grandest of the grand, entry in the movie; one of those typical filmi entries where the hero is shown more powerful than Superman, smarter than James Bond and more unbelievable than Neo. It was the first time that I saw people screaming with passion and hysteria for Rajni. I had always known that he was worshiped like God in South, but to actually see the God getting such a passionate ovation from his admirers was a rare experience.

Looking forward to Rajni's latest flick Sivaji, though it will take some time before this movie is finished.

Hope you liked his caricature that I made.


  1. San said...
    sood caricature da!
    Anonymous said...
    You are a really good cartoonist!
    Liked all ur sketches.
    amrit said...
    Thanks Helmet and thanks Paresh!
    ankit said...
    tank god in our college they dont show regional films, only english or hindi.

    but a bad news is that they are going to charge rs5 for every movie, even if we dont watch it..

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