I was gloomy yesterday. I was feeling lost in the crowd. I didn't want to take the bus to home. I didn't want to go anywhere. I anyways waited at the bus-stop. Waited for the bus. I really was lost. I didn't want to take the bus.

The bus came. I didn't have to board it. It was totally full. I thought I would go visit the nearby Gaduda Mall. I roamed around inside the air conditioned building. Purposeless. Direction-less. I had only twenty bucks in my wallet. So I didn't buy anything.

I knew I wanted to take an auto. I was not ready to face a crowded bus yesterday. I wanted a little peace. After a little struggle, I got an auto. I thought I would stop at some SBI ATM on my way to home, and withdraw cash. So that I could pay the auto-valla.

The traffic sucked.

Midway, the autowallah stopped his vehicle. He had a good news to offer. The auto won't run anymore. There was some problem with the gear. The meter showed 35 bucks.

You will have to take me to some ATM. I have only 20 bucks!
Aiyyo sir, this auto won't run. And there really is not ATM close by. But I can find another auto for you.
Ok then. Ask the other autovalla to pay you remaining cash. I will pay to him later.

This worked. To my relief! In about fifteen minutes, he could find another auto, whose driver paid him fifteen bucks from his own pocket. The new trip began. I spotted an ATM after a while. I asked this new autovalla to stop.

I was inside the ATM, when I took out my wallet. The ATM card was not there. What?? Yes. There was no ATM card! I paused for few seconds. Then came out of ATM.

There is no cash in here. Chalo, I will pay you when I reach home. Let's go.

Finally reached home. Borrowed cash from cousin.

The bottomline: I have fuckin lost my ATM card!! I have fuckin lost it when I am in Bangalore and not in Chennai and when it was the only source of money I had. Total fuck.


  1. dhruv said...
    how the fuck can anybody lose an atm card? :P You careless idiot! hehe... just kidding...

    arre yaar... it happens... chillz... get a new ATM card. till then udhari ki zindagi ji le ;)
    Leelayz said...
    new atm crad will take abt 10 days or more :)

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