Laloo's Land!

The end-semester exam for a 4 credit course is to happen tomorrow at 9 in the morning (less than 24 hours to go). I have hardly finished even one tenth of the portion that I need to. And yet I jusht could not resist the temptation to put this blog in place. Such a good news from my home has come after so many years: Laloo-Raj is finally over!

? So you come from “Laloo’s Land”? Tell me one thing ‘da’, why do you guys make him win?

I don’t even remember the number of times this question had been thrown over me here in this southern part of India. Each time I had only one answer. Laloo knows how to win and that is it.

Today, I am so happy to hear someone else did learn this art; someone else did win. I sincerely hope that Nitish Kumar as the new chief minister of my state does a better job and sets Bihar rolling in the right direction. My best wishes are with him.


  1. Anonymous said...
    What the hell is 'new' with this thought ?? Everyone thinks exactly the same that you have written...Blog readers expect something different..something new !
    amrit said...

    Will give a thought to your suggeston. Thanks for being a 'blog-reader' anyways. And yes, nice name: Xian!


    Yes, let's hope for the best!
    Nilambar said...
    good for bihar ... btw ... this is wat u were lookin for ...
    Aks said...
    Man...CONGRATS to bihar and to INDIA that lalu raj over in bihar...we are now waiting for lalu to get the @#$% out of the central govt as well...kahin aisa to nahin kee lalu bihar chhod ke badi machli pakadne kee firak mein ho...;-)
    amrit said...

    yeah sure enough!
    In fact too good for all Biharis!(Time for the state to evolve from the kerosene-lantern-age to the CFL one...)

    And thanks for the link as well.


    Me waiting for the same! But then, who knows what's cooking in Lalu's mind? A lot of action remains there to be witnessed. And I hope things only get better.
    Leelayz said...
    Just when the man was starting to turn a few things around for the railways....

    And i don't trust Nitish Kumar as well...

    So what the hell.....

    Anyways you have been blogrolled....hope u'll return the favor ;-)
    amrit said...

    First of all, thanks for blogrolling me.

    And now the reason that I expressed my happiness: it is not that I trust NK anymore than you, but now there's at least something to hope for! A change of rule was very badly needed and when it happened finally, it did feel good.

    Oh yes, I blogrolled you as well!
    the shiva said...
    i think most indians share the sentiment about laloo's loss.

    hope nitish kumar proves to be even 10% of an efficient administrator.

    then we shall know.

    keep writin dude!

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