professor, professor

Professor, Professor,
why don't you teach?
All that you blabber,
is out of our reach.

Blabber you do;
and you give us pain.
When in your class
nothing we gain.

Simplest of things
look so complex;
courtsey to you!
You come to perplex.

There was a time;
on bed, we'd sleep.
Now in your class
we can sleep, real deep.

In your lectues
no joy we find.
Leave us dear prof.
We won't ever mind.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Amrit, O Amrit
    U don't understand
    The professors are human
    Without a magic wand

    They blabber in class
    But let me tell you, lol
    If they don't pain you
    They wouldn't be profs at all

    Why can't u see
    The other side of the breeze
    Without pills today
    You can sleep in peace

    If they were interesting
    You wouldn't remember, alas
    Ten years from now
    How you slept in class

    How would you reminisce
    The good old fun
    Of the laughing in class
    And bunking under the sun

    The hazaar comments u pass
    And the sketches u paste
    When your grandsons will budge you
    You shall recall with taste.

    So don't forget
    These very boring profs
    You'll one day remember
    With nostalgic scoffs…

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