Monoacting: finally

If it doesn't get postponed anymore, it will be held this Sunday. But the better news is this: I finally found a piece to perform which just rocks. I like it. Had there been a soft copy of it, I would have put it here in this post, right away. But it's there in a book and neither do I have the time nor the energy to type it all. I hope someone takes a video when I deliver it on stage so that I can upload it and showcase my exceptional acting skills. Anyone there with a cam ready? Watch out for me.

IIT Madras, watch out for me. :P


  1. Anonymous said...
    where? when? are general public allowed to come and see? If yes, then let me know, I have a cam and I can record your master piece for you :D
    amrit said...
    Where? IIT Madras, PhLT
    When? Sunday 11/03/07 7:30 Pm onwards

    Yes, any one is allowed to see. But this is going to be an inter-hostel thingy, so don't expect many studd performances! ;)

    If you come all the way anyways, rest assured of a coffee treat at CCD! (And don't forget to get along your cam :D )

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