If you read the last post of mine, I have talked about how powerful time is. We can win against anything, but not against time.

Patience is that quality which makes us respect the above mentioned fact. It makes us respect the importance of time. The only way to not let time defeat you is by making friends with it. And the only way to do that is by imbibing patience inside onself. Once you have done that, you can win everything. Anything.


  1. Neelabh said...
    You cant win with time but you certainly can draw with time.

    Walk with time and you will win.

    How was your exam?
    Czar said...
    Simple... Kill time.. :P

    Never mind the above statement.

    Whatever you said makes complete sense, but somehow I am in search of ways to defeat time. Maybe there is something more in the big picture.
    amrit said...

    I am walking. I don't have to win. I am always a winner. :)

    Getting raped in end sems.


    "Kill time" LOL
    Good one da. :P

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