High on Spirit

Concept: Dalal
Graphic art: Vatsap


  1. Anonymous said...
    there was something similar for the open quiz thing rite? anyways, nice use of 'spirit' of engg :)
    Anonymous said...
    High quality energy drink on the can, could be made into high quality tech fest or something like that... :D

    Neways awesome rendering...
    amrit said...

    Open quiz used some Absolut funda. But no, it wasn't the same. Similar may be.


    Hmm (some how didn't want to include 'tech fest'). :)
    Mohan K.V said...
    Nice work! You should have put in an absinthe bottle instead of a can though :-)
    Sneha said...
    Nice concept!
    alekhya.... said...
    that was a good one.. :-)

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