Colombian Juan Valdez

I guess this is what the coffee that I had minutes ago was called. It cost me 46 bucks, or in other words it was costly. But it was a tasty black coffee. Earlier I had this another 46 bucks hot drink called Ethiopian Kahwa and both of them taste exactly same, or so I believe.

What is a tasty black coffee? It's thick, and strong and yet it is not too hard on tongue (like espresso shorts). The final verdict is: if anyone offers me to treat in CCD, without putting a cost constraint, my best choice for a drink would be one of these two coffee servings.


  1. ankit said...
    aur koi kaam nahi hai kya ??

    and jada paisa aagaya hai to idhar transfer kar do na,, 4Rs. ki bhi coffe nahi pi kitne dino se !!!
    amrit said...

    Oye, I'm a coffee freak. Are you? So just chill. Kuch kaam bhaiya pe chhod diya kar.

    And from whatever little cash that I have, I wil try and get you some cool gift. :)

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