IIT Madras: the jungle

This is the first (very) short (stupid) film shot from my brand new Sony Mini DV cam (yeah it's mine only till I hand it over to dad). A very boring one in my eyes, but let it be. I should leave some scope for improvement, shouldn't I? :)

By the way the actual video that I shot was in 16:9 ratio. Google (previously youtube) however tampered it to 4:3. That's sad!

Updates: There are two mistakes in the narration:

1. The monkey that you see is a 'she'. I have used 'he' instead! oops!
2. Plural of Deer=Deer (I forgot that while narrating). Sorry for that!

Thanks to Nanny for pointing out these two mistakes.

new update: After a lot of wated time, I did figure out how to prevent Google from distorting my video. so here you have a video in 16:9 finally, the way it was actually shot.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Nice video.
    1. Narmada is a landmark eh?
    2. Maybe you should have mentioned the names of all the avenues :) Rather than "this road", "that road".. :)
    3. :) Nice video. Can I have the high quality version of this?
    amrit said...

    Thanks for the comment. Would like to see your campus sometime!


    1. I did say later that "on a serious note, IIT Madras does have a landamrk: the GC". So that clears all doubts! :)

    2. That's true. But I don't really know if all these four roads from GC do have some name. Do they?

    3.I have shared it on DC. Were you able to find it?

    And thanks for the appreciation.
    Anonymous said...
    nice one....good editing too...
    Anonymous said...
    whoa, you're cribbing for 1.777 to 1.333 ? now that's attention to detail!
    Jah said...
    Narmad rules :P
    Anonymous said...
    Yes, those roads do have names.
    Bonn Avenue, Delhi Avenue are those that come from the main gate to the GC.
    Alumni Avenue is the road that goes to all departments.
    And I dont know what the fourth one is :)
    amrit said...

    I am not sure, if all the three anon comments are from the same guy/girl but for my convenience I will assume so.

    reply to the 1st comment: thanks!

    reply to the 2nd comment: well, I am sure the video would have looked better in its real shape. All the IITM junta can download it in DC from the user named KILI, to see the original film.

    reply to the 3rd comment: Thank you so much for the info! Will see if I can find out the name of the fourth road as well. Till then let's stick to the road to hostel zone.


    You bet it does! :)
    Vaishali said...
    jumped from naresh's blog to yours
    good video , but do try to improve the quality...

    Geetali said...
    I think you need to work more on narrative skills.
    amrit said...

    Thanks. Will try to!


    Yeah, a lot!
    Anonymous said...
    good work with the video. but u should use a tripod. that discarded road description is really cool. u can use some sound forge or something to give effects to audio though. and some more effects of animal sounds. then it will be real discovery video.
    well, these are comments from a tv achor.
    N said...
    awesome video...

    make it a bit longer into a miny documentary.

    ps: insti rocks!
    ASHOK said...
    its a very good idea of documenting our insti... it is done with your new cam coder na.. that you mentioned in your previous blog.... the quality was too good compared to the previous videos... thanx for the video... but not upto the expections we had on you... what say you....
    amrit said...

    Thanks. Tripod? Well, I can't carry that while returning from my department to my hostel, can I? :) Yeah, each frame of this video was shot, within 15 minutes, as I was on my way back to hostel. So you see only those places, that I met in the way.

    If I plan to shoot some proper documentary, I would of course not mind using a tripod and cool audio effects!

    And the shortcut is indeed sexy!


    Documentary! Cool! Write a script and pass it on. Will sure make one!


    When I was shooting this thing, I didn't even know what I was going to do with it! So I spoke about few things, edited the frames and came up with something, which started resembling a documentary. But no, this actually aint one!

    And when I actually do make one, I wil make sure, it is hazzaar better.

    Thanks for watching it! :)
    Anonymous said...
    narmad rules :)

    and ya, the road u call as ur favourite is my favourite as well.

    the road from GC towards hostels is called hostel avenue.

    -bhaand(for some reason, i m not able to login on blogger today)
    Anonymous said...

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