Self Portrait

This has been my only self portrait so far. I look horrible here. Of course I do, but then the day I was making it (more than a year ago), this pic of myself looked so cool to me! :)

Yeah and for all those guys, who keep on asking me if I look into a mirror to sketch myself, I would like to declare: NO! I use my pic instead! You should believe when I say this, almost everyone who has seen this sketch (it hangs in my room), has asked the same question.

I will add one more tab to the site which would have links to all my sketches and caricatures (not many by the way). But this might take some time. As if that matters! :P


  1. Mohan K.V said...
    cool! wait, tell me this: do you try to transfer the pic stroke by stroke onto the canvas, or do you look at one part of the pic, remember it, and then draw it out on canvas?
    Bohemian said...
    this is da amrit i adore ;)

    needless to say,nice one!
    amrit said...

    I divide the whole pic into grids (sad tht they were not visible clearly in the sketching-video). And then I make same no: of grids on a paper. And then, I look at each grid, and make the outline(it's easy this way to maintain proportins).

    And then, you already have seen, start with shading!


    Hairs hairs growing longer!!
    Thanks for the 'needless to say' compli!


    I am sure that your comment was on the yellow odd looking pic of mine (the one on the top left of this page), and not on this sketch!

    Thanks anyways!!
    dhruv said...
    cool :)
    amrit said...

    Thanks man!
    Rama Deepthi Muddu said...
    cool sketches! if u think i am not kiding i wud add..these look like as though a cartoonist sketched them a bit hurriedly! this remembers me of my sisters cartoon sketch vch she got it done in "forum"-banglore by a famous cartoonist( i don remember his name though!)

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