How keen an observer are U?

This test is a real good one. I failed to clear it but who knows you might succeed.

All you have to do is, follow this link, look at the two images which 'appear' to be identical, and then figure out the three differences that exist between them. Don't take more than 2 minutes to do that. The answer will anyways be displayed within 2 minutes, so I am just letting you know the time you have in advance.

I could figure just one! :( Of course wont tell you what it was. Go try it yourself. And if you do fair better than me (its damn difficult), do let me know. What are you waiting for now?


  1. Mohan K.V said...
    oh come on, really, you came across this one only now ? :)
    Mohan K.V said...
    my, my, what a buildup!
    amrit said...
    Of course not!

    But its a beautiful trick and it still works. The last time it was slightly differnt if I remember. so when I got this one, I completely forgot about the prank! And as you could have guessed it, fell to the trick again. :(

    So thought, the same might happen to someone else too! :)
    dhruv said...
    haha...that was a good one. My friend sent me one which made you concentrate very hard on one area of the picture i.e. keep your mouse pointer steady on a slightly moving point. It was really scary :P.
    ommachi said...

    This one got me.

    Man, I was sincerely doing what you asked me to in your post and the time here is 12:34 AM, not a soul in sight, how can that be in my bedroom inside our forest/campus, my wife and kid have gone for their relatives house for the weekend and I am alone...and


    I just jerked out of my laptop screen when that thing shouted...;)

    for a moment I had my pulse that of a women and the heart of a humming bird...

    BTW, Thanks for your comments on my blog post.

    The reason for my name to be that way is usually misinterpreted, without even asking me, as numerology. And it usually freaks me out. Even now.

    So I deviced a defence mechanism of the 2 n's with one of them being silent. Although the real reason why my father kept 2ns is slightly different.

    The joke that I make at times, is indirectly a mock at myself and my inability to cope with reality, but it does bring a smile or two (like it perhaps did it to you).

    I am not sure if I am a cool guy.

    A more serious but perhaps more useful blog of mine is the Nonoscience blog., whic hcould change your opinion about me...;)

    amrit said...

    :) The same had happened to me when I had fallen to this prank.

    And though you might not be sure, I assure you, YOU ARE COOL! To me, any Prof who blogs, and blogs like you is cool!

    Yeah and i will surely be checking the other blog too!

    By the way, the story about the silent 'n' had indeed brought a smile to many faces! :)

    And thanks for visiting my blog!

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