What is Life?

A blog by a human made me reveal the truth about life for once and for all. The world won’t remain the same once this blog is published (because I heard somewhere that the world changes with every passing count of a second!).

What is life?

At some point of time this question hits you. It hits everyone. For some, the impact lasts only for those ten minutes that they spend at the funeral procession of their best friend’s mother. For some it lasts till they die finally, without any satisfactory answer of course.

Let’s assume an answer exists for this question. And let’s also assume that the answer is a universal truth (without getting into the validity of the existence of ‘universal truth’ itself). Based on these two assumptions let me propose my hypothesis about life.

There’s a creature somewhere. It exists not in some space that science has defined and it lives not in the way the time is perceived by us. But that creature is there; somewhere; and may be not just one, but many more of them. These guys out there in the undefined space and existing in an undefined timeframe are into some experiment. They had generated a random self-sustained process some ‘time’ back (time here and for that matter anywhere in this article should be considered just an English word and its scientific interpretation should be ignored).

Life is nothing but the result of that experiment. We, the human beings are the result of that experiment.

The guys who devised the setup for this experiment made sure that those who had acquired life, tried to retain it for some ‘time’. It can never be found out how they ensured this but it does work. Talk about human beings. They fear death. Everyone fears death naturally. Had this not been the case, this experiment would have had stopped ‘long back’. They would have had nothing to observe; no readings to take; no conclusions to make.

If one goes by this flawless hypothesis, interesting conclusions can be made. Some of them are:

  1. Everything that happens is hundred percent random or at most pseudo-random. It is difficult to find out the exact way all this works but it’s mostly free-flowing.

  2. We have no reasons to worship those who created us. The Creatures!!

  3. There is nothing called ‘a purpose of life’ that we really need to find. The observers will note down all we do and whatever we do is supposed to be random. As human beings we can always look for a purpose but it doesn’t matter much whether we succeed or not. We tend to look for a purpose because of some minor flaws in their experimental setup. Ideally we are supposed to look at the world only with our senses (touch, sound, sight, smell etc.). But we do feel a few things without the need of any of our senses. The question about the purpose of life comes from this feeling itself. And this is it.

  4. Amrit is hazzzar jobless in life. But then there’s a limit!


  1. Sashi said...
    good one...but slysha dissonance with ur conclusions.
    'There’s a creature somewhere'.....where do you start of this evaluation. This is a crucial Premise that i think u missed because your second conclusion assumes that only fellow human beings have created the others.There should be starting point of this experimrnt where someone would have gathered all the apparatus and added a catalyst and said "GO"...... what say?
    Third conclusion is pretty convincing and fourth would seem more befetting if u add my name over there
    Sashi said...
    amrit said...
    @ Sasanka

    Thanks for liking it.

    And here go my explainations.

    a) My second conclusion does not assume that 'fellow human beings have created the others'. What made you think so by the way?

    b) It's not in our limit to discuss a starting point because the 'time' that we know cannot be applied to analyze the ones doing the experiment. And since we cant get away form what is 'time' for us, we can never talk about any starting point. Got me by any chance? (Amrit closes his eyes and gets back to his world. What is time?)
    amrit said...

    Thank you Alice. Things which you never thought keep happening. (Is this life?)
    Jah said...
    Has this got anything to do with reading Pirsig ?
    Anyways the perspective is novel but too simple for my liking, an easy way of dodging questions. I like to think I'm chasing something you know, just to keep me interested.
    amrit said...
    Pirsig? NO, not at all. He talks about more believable things. This was a random thought that errupted on its own and took shape as a blog.

    Chasing something! Is this life? And then why not; life is all we dare to believe it to be.

    As Helmet says 'To each his....'
    Anonymous said...
    jo sabse upar wala bog hai usme point no2 mein creatures=?
    amrit said...
    Dear Mr. Anonymous,

    First of all I appreciate that you came to me personally and revealed your identity.

    And now my answer to your querry:

    If you go back to the fifth paragraph, you will find this - "There’s a creature somewhere. It exists .... ....and may be not just one, but many more of them."

    These 'creatures' are the one referred to as our 'creators' in the conclusion no:2
    Sneha said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Sneha said...
    u said that we have no reasons to worship those who created us. The Creatures!!

    The creatures-our creators-GOD-rite???

    Tell me one thing are u an atheist???

    Nice post!
    amrit said...

    Thanks for modifying "as usual a decent post" to "Nice post!"

    Am I an atheist? I do not want to think too hard about it because it just does not matter whether I believe in God or I do not believe in god.


    Everyone's interpretation is valid. All I ask is: 'Why worship?' And I never get any answer!

    (Amrit closes his eyes again and wonders if Sneha has an answer...anyone has? Why worship?)
    Anonymous said...
    I honestly get d feeling..
    Sumthings wrong wid ya IIT-M guys.
    I mean..wat d hell was dat vocab-ridden crap for?
    This is honestly d most F**K-ALL thing I've ever read!
    Wonder why I came to read it in d first place!
    And ye..people call dat NICE POST!
    Well I hv just one thing 2 say for them..
    Get ur bones n brains replaced!
    amrit said...
    Ab Tera Kya Hoga Kalia? Hi Ha Ha (laughter gets louder!)

    I do wonder why you came to read this 'vocab-ridden-crap'! I cannot answer this but then there's something else that I can indeed answer. The people who thought this was a nice post didn't read it to enhance their vocab. They read it for fun and they had fun.

    Something sure wrong with us IITM guys. Hi Ha Ha Ha...(laugh continues..)

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