I am singing...

...in the inter-hostel Light Music competition. If there are enough singers from my hostel already, I will sing as a non-comp. I don't sing great, but I am sure no one is going to throw chappals or rotten eggs at me when I hold the microphone and do vocal exercise on stage.

It so happened that yesterday, I came to know that there were only three guys from my hostel participating. The upper limit from every hostel is five. Now, this was bad. So, I decided to go ahead and increase Narmad's count. Heck, I would enjoy doing that as well.

However today, two secon yearites suddenly popped up. So, now there were three guys who wanted to sing. Ah. The social-secretary said he would have an audition to select best five singers. LOL! That's weird because I am no singer. I had decided to do it for fun. But I had indeed practiced a particular song quite a few times. I had also roped in a studd tabla player to play beats for me. So, one thing is for sure. I shall be singing.

What song do you ask? Heh, if you know me, you should have guessed that only a post-event video can best answer that. :D (Anyone willing to shoot me? :P )

Update: Event postponed from 29th Oct to 30th Oct. Also, dear friend Prasun has agreed to shoot me and KG seems to be serious too. :D Great going.


  1. Anonymous said...
    ..brill man.. too gud. Amazing post. you r God !
    kay gee said...
    I'll shoot you. Seriously. :)

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