Dressed up Desperate Dudes and Dudettes

They were so many of them, all dressed up in 'proper' formals. Most of them had put down a tie; some of them had even gone to the extent of wearing coats! The campus today was looking like the headquarter of a multi national firm, with executives-resembling-crowd doing the show throughout the day. They were there in the coffee house, in the canteen, on the campus lanes, and just almost everywhere.

This is what happens when two i-banks shortlist about two hundred folks who are all desperate to get placed as fast as they can, and hold the interview the same day. Moreover when yet another 'hot' company has about 120 guys lined up for final selection for a plush job (also the same day), and two more companies ready to interview yet some more, such a change of scene on campus is all but natural. So today the dirty rotten smelly t-shirts were elegantly replaced by pure cotton full sleeves, the God-knows-when-washed-last pair of jeans discarded for neatly pressed finest textured trousers, and the could-give-way-any-moment-hawaai-slippers substituted by shining leather shoes. :)

The good thing is that some of my friends will be getting jobs finally. The job-treat season begins. Today! :)


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