Do you really wanna know?

'By the way, did I ask you how was your day today, honey?'

She responded without even looking, 'you are trying to be sweet, aren't you?'

'Why are you talking like this, hmm? Angry with me? Oh cummon, you should tell me if there's something going on inside you. Shouldn't you?'

She didn't reply.

'Do you really wanna know, what feeling hot is all about? Hmm?'

There was a spark in her eyes as she replied, 'Oh yes mom, please tell me.'

'Tell me first, what do you think it is. Do you really believe it had anything to do with standing out in the sun?'


'So? What do you think?'

'I don't know. I am too small. You should tell me mummaa. Please, tell me now.'

'Okay, kiddo. You feel hot when you get sick and you catch fever. You forgot the last time, mumma was sick, and she was so hot? And mumma had to take medicines to get well?'

'Oh yeah, you are right mumma. I remember now, you were like sooo hot and then dad was like, I mean he just helped you all night. Yeah I remember.'

Sanjana just couldn't control her laughter at this. 'You got it kiddo. So now, start with your homework baby. Will you?'

this conversation follows this story

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    hahaha!! ... hilarious!

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