Wishful Thinking

The Question

Consider the following limerick. By using a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 more stanzas, complete the story. Follow the rhyme scheme of a-a-b-b-a in all your stanzas.

I wish my wife were dead,
Or I can have her smashed in the head.
I hire a man,
And tell him my plan,
But he elopes with her instead

My answer


I laugh at Ho, the fool of a man.
(May they go, as far as they can)
I celebrate
And wake up till late.
And drink and relax under the fan.


The phone rings and I pick it up.
A lady asks, 'John?'. I say 'yup'.
'A million I'll pay
'For the golden tray'.
As she tells this, I just give up.


'The golden tray, is with me no more.
'But listen mam, I'll find it for sure.
'Give me a day,
'I'll get you the tray'.
She hangs up, I rush out the door.


I know that, the tray is with her.
Bitch of a wife, she's too clever.
I'm on the street,
And a guy I meet
Who comes and asks, 'may I help you sir?'


I show him, a snap of my wife.
'She is Jill, the love of my life.
'We had a fight
'The previous night.
'And she left me, hurt by the strife'


'Have you seen her? Oh tell me please'.
'I saw her with a Chinese'.
(That must be Ho!)
'Where did they go?'
'To the south, from where comes the breeze.'


I rush to the south, in their search.
There they are, entering a church.
'I'll get the tray
'I shouldn't delay.'
I make my move, towards them I lurch.


As I reach them, I kick Ho hard.
'You cheated me you bastard.
'I hired you to kill.
'You eloped with Jill.
'I'll bury you alive, in my backyard'.


I turn to Jill, she is scared a bit.
'My golden tray, bitch where is it?'
'You came all the way
'Just for the tray?'
About the million, I then admit.


'You are such a dumb, hubby couldn't you guess?
'A million for a tray is pure madness!
'Some secret for sure
'I can assure
'The old golden tray does possess.'


'Oh baby you are right', I agree.
'The tray is a lock, let's find its key.
'Forget the past,
'Come hug me fast.
'Together we shall live, just you and me.'


The secret they never stumbled upon,
But they lived with love, dear Jill and John.
No call came again.
Ho left for Spain.
And life went on, and on and on...


  1. senti said...
    psued likha hae amrit
    amrit said...
    Thanks Nandi and thanks Senti!

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